Braxton Mudroom, Laundry & Office

Mud and Suds

Who says a mudroom and where you do your laundry has to be dull and boring. This space gets a bright makeover. A great open area with lots of built-in cabinets for storage help make the chores of the day fun and easy. This mudroom includes a great cabinet to hang jackets and store gloves and hats. This space even includes a small office space; great for surfing the web while waiting on the clothes to dry.

Room Type: Mudroom, Laundry and Office Space
Price: $45,000-$60,000
Style: Simplistic, Traditional

One thought on “Braxton Mudroom, Laundry & Office

  1. It has been one year since we did this project and it is one of the best things we have done. Doing laundry in this space is so much better then our old space! The functionality of the mud room is so much better as well, now that I do not have to work around the laundry!

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